Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KRFC 88.9 fm Concert Calendar

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Fri., Aug 13 Fort Collins

T Band Bluegrass Show, Avo’s, 5:30p

Slim Pickins, Brittany Devens Band, Avo’s, 8:30p

Candy Claws, Ocean Floor, Ah Holly Faml’y, Everyday Joe’s, 7p
Jerry Nelson, Kent Pease & Sam, Genoa Coffee & Wine, 7p

Dave Dardine Project, Hatrixx, 9p

The Tumbledowns, Hideout, 7p

Zoogma, Goodie, Jemini, Hodi’s, 8p

Trip Wire, Island Grill, 8:30p

Mark Sloniker & Friends, Jay’s Bistro, 6:30p

The Holler!, Lucile’s, 5:30p

Highwater, Lucky Joe’s, 9p

Ben Gordon, Pappy’s, 8p

Jazz Trio, Pulcinella (Drake & Shields), 7p

Makeout Point, Blind Strike, That’s Science, Rd 34, 9p

Peter Lopez, Rustic Oven (Harmony)

Better Than Bacon, Sports eXchange, 10p

Wise Acres, Spotlight Cafe, 6p

Cindy Woolf, Tap Room @ Catalyst, 7p

Brittany Devens, Woody’s, 9p

Stephen Wallace Trio, Zquila, 5:30p

Ten Foot Tall & 80 Proof, Bar SS (LP), 9p

MODERN RHYTHM PROJECT at Chapungu Sculpture Garden (L) 7 p.m.
Second Hand Smokers The Drunken Skunk Cheyenne, Wyo 9PM
Targhee Bluegrass Camp, Grand Targhee Resort Alta, WY: morning to night

Live@Lunch w/ Prism, 12p,

Sat., Aug. 14 Fort Collins

Prism, Passage Project w/ Jimeni, Aggie, 8p

Wendy Woo Band, Avo’s, 8p

The Watson Twins, Ferraby Lionheart, Everyday Joe’s, 7p

Bev Barber & Chris Sheafor, Genoa Coffee & Wine, 7p

Mountain Myth, Aklock, Cool’N, Dr. Mandible Lecture, Hodi’s, 8p

Trip Wire, Island Grill, 8:30p
Mark Sloniker & Friends, Jay’s Bistro, 6:30p

Josh Blackburn, Lucky Joe’s, 9p

Constitution, Odell

Carl Carrillo, Pappy’s, 8p

Otherside of Clearview, Rd 34, 9p

Peter Lopez, Rustic Oven (Harmony)

Williams Reserve, Sports eXchange, 10p

Five White Guys, Vault, 10p

Tony C’de Baca, Woody’s patio, 7p

John Shaffer & Billy Varn, Zquila, 5:30p

Built to Spill, Mishawaka, 8p
Peace & Love & Jigs & Reels, Marys Lake Lodge - Estes Park, 8PM
Second Hand Smokers, The Drunken Skunk Cheyenne, Wyo 9PM

Sun., Aug. 15 Fort Collins

Ray Wasinger Benefit feat. Starlite Ramblers, The Piggies, Rockhounds, Avo’s, 3p

Harley & The V Twins, Hatrixx, 2-5p

Pillar of Dust, Spotlight Cafe, 12p +

Given Proof, Spotlight Cafe, 1p

Morbid Asphyxiation, Spotlight Cafe, 2p

Blacklist Royals w/ The Higgins Manifesto, Surfside 7, 10p

Cowboy Dave Band, Bar SS (LP), 6p

After Midnight, Boardwalk Park (W), 6:30p

John Hiatt & The Combo, Mishawaka, 3p
Jeff Stevenson, New Plantation (G), 5p

Dick Orleans, Mary’s Lake Lodge (EP), 7p

PLJR, The Colorado Scottish Festival 10:00 in the Glasgow Pub Tent and 12:45 Fingal Stage, Highland Heritage Park, Highlands Ranch

PLJR, 3 - "A Taste of Lone Tree" Art and Food Festival, Park Meadows Mall
3:30. at the West side of the Vistas

Monday w/ Language Love, 12p
Mon., Aug. 16 Fort Collins

Lion Star Sound System, Chipper’s North, 10p

My Two Toms at 6p , Charlie Parr at 7p Go West T-shirt co parking lot
The Handymen, Bar SS (LP), 8p
Ash Ganley Duo, Mary’s Lake Lodge (EP), 7p

Live@Lunch w/ Language Love, 12p,
tomorrow Live@Lunch w/White Cat Pink 12p

Tue., Aug. 17 Fort Collins

WhiteWater Ramble w/ Steve Molitz & Tim Carbone, Aggie, 8p

Action Bastard, East Coast, 10p

CC Collier, Hideout, 6p

Jasco, Spotlight Cafe, 12p

Monsters and Fairy Tales, Spotlight Cafe, 6p

Acoustic Showcase, Vault, 9p

Sputnick & the Chicks, Mandolin Café (L), 6p

Dennis-Tobias Band, Mary’s Lake Lodge (EP), 7p

Live@Lunch w/ White Cat Pink, 12p,tomorrow Live@Lunch w/(none listed
Wed., Aug.18 Fort Collins

Honey Gitters, Aggie, 8p

Joe Foster, Genoa Coffee & Wine, 7p

Scott Allen & Friends, Hideout, 6p

EP3, Hodi’s, 8p

Mark Sloniker & Friends, Jay’s Bistro, 7:30p

Dan Walker, Lucky Joe’s, 9p

Lonesome Traveler, Odell

Tom Barbour Trio, Spotlight Cafe, 6p

Shotgun Party, Bar SS (LP), 8p

Landon Smith, Mary’s Lake Lodge (EP), 7p

Tomorrow Live@Lunch

Thu., Aug. 19 Fort Collins
Harmed Brothers, Alder St. Allstars, Avo’s, 8p
The Songs of Nat King Cole, Bas Blue, 7p & 8:30p

Mark’s Midnight Carnival, Chipper’s North, 10p

Tony Price & Esti, Genoa Coffee & Wine, 7p

Power Trucker, Dinero, Turn 4, Hodi’s, 8p

Mark Sloniker & Friends, Jay’s Bistro, 6:30p

Jason Vigil, Lucky Joe’s, 9p

Kurt Humann, Rustic Oven (Harmony)

Gypsy Fit, Sports eXchange, 10p

Magic Cyclops 80’s Dance Party, Surfside 7, 10p

Storm Mountain, Tasty Harmony, 6p

Joe Bear, Zquila, 5:30p

Henhouse Prowlers, Bar SS (LP), 8p
Laurie Dameron, Mary’s Lake Lodge (EP), 7p

Live@Lunch w/ Jeremiah and the Red Eyes, 12p,
tomorrow Live@Lunch w/Brian Ashley Jones, 12p

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